What is Eat Well Shanghai?

Eat Well Shanghai is Your Guide to Eating Healthy and Safe Food in Shanghai.

Does “eating well” and “Shanghai” seem like a contradiction in terms?  Do visions of greasy dumplings, fried meats and vats of oil dance in your head?  Do apples that stay ripe too long or milk that doesn’t really smell like milk make you nervous?  Before you give up and go home, believe that yes, you can Eat Well in Shanghai!

Eat Well Shanghai (EWS) will guide you to healthy and safe food in Shanghai.  EWS will also guide you to meeting your requirements for nutrition in Shanghai.

Vegetables bought in Shanghai for a healthy cooking class.

EWS understands the complications of eating healthy food in Shanghai – in the office, on the road and at home.  Through the Eat Well Shanghai Blog, Talks and Nutrition Consultations, EWS will provide down-to-earth nutrition advice and food safety information, coupled with resources for finding healthy and satisfying food in groceries, restaurants and online.

Face to face nutrition consultations are also available in Shanghai.  Please contact Eat Well Shanghai for more information and an appointment.