2012: Make it your own.

At thumbnailthis is the time of year my mailbox is always stuffed with tips and tricks to finally eat better, lose weight, discover my hidden self and find the path to enlightenment. Most of the time I will automatically hit the delete button but I have on occasion, reviewed these recipes for a “better me” to see, just in case, if I have missed something. After all you never know what may flip your switch, that is of course, if your switch needs flipping.

There is one sentiment that I have always thought a useful tool when trying to decide if any of these helpful holiday hints are really for me. ” If you keep doing what you have always done, then you will keep getting what you have always got.”  What I like most about this statement is that it gives you the responsibility and choice to make changes in your life.  It suggests you review your current approach to  life and then you can evaluate if you like what you are getting or you don’t. If you want something different then what you have, then you need to make the changes. 

The best part of this directive is that it  highlights two of the core tenets of Eat Well Shanghai, being mindful and the power of choices.  Eating well is about  making healthy choices and enjoying every bite of that choice. Make this the year that you find delcious  food that is good for you.  Think about what would taste best at this moment, think about what makes you feel satisfied and then enjoy every bite.  Shanghai has street after street of food that will give you the energy and pizzazz you need to get the most out of your time in this  crazy place. 

So for the upcoming New Year Season my EWS healthy tip for 2012 is:  Keep what  works well, change what isn’t helping and  enjoy every eating experience this city has to offer.   That suggestion alone should  keep you busy right up to 2013 and we here at EWS will be right along  with you discovering the healthiest and tastiest bites in Shanghai.

Eat Well, Live Well and from all of us at EWS, we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year !