Time is the Essence

There are several reasons which have had me thinking about time and food these days.  I have run into several people who lamented that they were too busy to have a healthy diet and on the flip side, I had someone tell me that cooking a healthy meal took less than 30 minutes and why didn’t more people do it?

It is an interesting conundrum to me since we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You have heard me talk about priorities in several past posts  so I won’t be labor the point that any good thing worth having usually takes time. I suspect most people would put good health under the heading of “worth having”.

I think some of it is putting good nutrition in perspective and being organized , both of which are daily exercises for me.  I asked one person who found she didn’t have time to exercise if she would give up brushing her teeth every day. She looked horrified. Unfortunately that is not the look she would have if I asked her to give up exercise for a week, but it should be. Good health practices, including the most pleasurable of all, eating, should be automatic, just like brushing your teeth.

Lets get back to time and food. Does it really only take 30 minutes to put a healthy meal on the table? You know I am going to yes. Lets be honest,the cooking isn’t  the problem, it is the preparation. I admit that does take time but I would argue it is worth it and I would also say it doesn’t take as much time as you think.  What to do?

1. Have a stocked pantry. Keep those healthy food items on hand so when you look in the cupboard the choices are nutritious.

2. Do a little prep work. When preparing food, make some extra to have for those nights when you really can’t find the time. This time of year is fantastic for that since we all seem to be making food for those holiday meals anyway.

3. Have some quick “go to” recipes. Some experts suggest having a list of 5  meals that you are comfortable making. Again have the pantry stocked with those ingredients.  One year when my kids were younger I designated Monday night “pasta night” that way I didn’t have to think about what to cook and we ended up trying  different pastas and sauces.

I won’t make this list longer, (who has the time to read anyway?) but truly these 3 steps should help you find the extra time you need to prepare healthy, satsfying meals. No more excuses.


Eat Well, Live Well, Cook!