A Healthy Pink

October has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month with various lunches and charity dinners and auctions around Shanghai , all meant to highlight the importance of taking care and being aware of our breasts.   Tomorrow there  will be a huge gathering of pink at the Kerry Parkside and 600 women ( mostly ) will come together to celebrate surviving and thriving at the annual More Than Aware Luncheon.

Not every woman there will be a cancer survivor but I would bet that almost everyone has been touched by breast cancer at some point. The two biggest risk factors for developing breast cancer are being a woman and  aging.  Neither can we do much about, HOWEVER there are other risk factors in our lives that we CAN control.

Unfortunately there isn’t an”Anti-Breast Cancer” diet …yet, but you can do some things that will reduce your risk of developing many cancers. It sounds like the same old tune but eating lots of fruits and veggies, full of anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals greatly increases your body’ arsenal against inflammation which is being recognized as an underlying cause of many a chronic disease, including cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight is paramount to reducing your risk of breast cancer as well as improving your survival chances if you do happen to have to be treated for breast cancer.

Then there is our old friend alcohol. The journal Breast Cancer Research reports that drinking alcohol will raise a woman’s level of estrogen which could increase her risk of breast cancer. The recommendation here is to limit your intake to one glass a day, and that is a glass that holds 200 ml ( 5 oz) of wine or 360 ml ( 12 oz) of beer or one shot of hard liquor.

Breast cancer prevention is really important and learning how to maintain and survive  if  you are diagnosed with breast cancer is an  equally important aspect of this month but in my mind,the most important message of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to remind us women that we have the power.  The more we know and are aware of our health the more we can control how healthy we want to be.

Along these lines I encourage every woman to check out the Women in Wellness Summit sponsored by Sprout Lifestyle that will be held on Saturday , November 9th.  Talk about empowerment!  This event has a terrific panel of speakers, women who are very knowledgeable and active in the  field of wellness right here in Shanghai.  There will also be break out groups for further discussion, along with choices of physical and relaxation sessions.

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Eat Well, Live Well,  Have Fun!