A Passion for Fruit

Seems like the longer I live here the less often I go away. For some reason every time my neighbor travels on a Golden Week, I am left here watching the local fireworks.  Generally before she leaves she cleans out the fridge and brings over all her perishables to me. A couple of holidays ago she brought over a stash and among the usual random assortment were two dusty brown, wrinkled balls. I took one look and said to myself, “great, now she wants me to take out her trash too.” But knowing how thoughtful my neighbor usually is I quickly decided there must be something of value here.

What the heck, I gave the dusty balls a good wash and split one open down the middle.  As soon as I saw the seed-filled yellow liquid ooze out on to the cutting board I knew what I had…passion fruit. Being from the northeast of the United States I had never seen a real live passion fruit. I had always had it mixed with something else.  What a surprising treat!

If you have never eaten a fresh passion fruit I highly recommend it. The yellow liquid that fills the inside has a lovely sweet-tart flavor. Some have described the flavor as similar to guava, but I am not fond of guava, and find the flavor far more distinctive. Swirl passion fruit through your yogurt or drizzle it over a light sponge cake. You can add the fruit  to smoothies or try a high protein passion fruit curd.

Passion Fruit  is not as rich in vitamins and minerals as other tropical fruits but it is a great source of fiber and a good source of vitamins A and C .  Full of flavor, passion fruit is low in calories, a mere 17/ one fruit and is also a low GL ( glycemic load) food, so it can fit easily into a weight-loss diet or as part of a diet for people with diabetes.

The actual message of this blog is that sometimes it pays to stay home during a vacation week. If it hadn’t been for my neighbor’s holiday, I might have never have discovered  how delicious fresh passion fruit can be.

Whether you are at home this week or traveling to some exotic local be sure to eat something you have never eaten before.  You just might be deliciously surprised.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!