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index2I have to admit that most dietitians are reluctant to recommend supplements in place of real food.  And I still go by that rule when I talk to people about healthy eating and using supplements.  But, as in most things in life, there are always exceptions.

Here in China, dietitians and nutritionists are often of another view; that being precisely because you live here you should take anti-oxidants and a multivitamin on top of your healthy diet. The prevailing opinion is that we are all exposed to far more external pollutants than we would be in almost any other part of the world and additional multivitamins and anti-oxidants would provide a layer of protection against the effects of this additional stress.  Just one gray smoggy day in Shanghai makes it hard to argue with that statement.

The term supplements includes much more than just multivitamins.  Super foods like acai berries, protein powder and alternative products like spirulina are all considered in the supplement category.

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the newest branch of the World Health Store at the Kerry Center Parkside in Pudong. The World Health Store,  also located at the Shanghai Center on the Puxi side, is the  one  place in town that you can get a wide variety of  high quality, imported supplements.

If you want to give your child a multivitamin but you need  a wheat or yeast-free one, the World Health Store has them. If you have decided to take prenatal DHA, the World Health Store has it.  You are having tummy troubles since your arrival in Shanghai and want to try pro-biotics, you guessed it, they have them. Your high school athlete wants to use protein powder after a work-out, the WHS carries several  safe protein supplement products ( WHS is the official protein powder supplier to the Shanghai Sharks basketball team).

Not sure what you need…the WHS has well-trained staff to answer your product questions.

The World Health Store  now carries high protein smoothie mixes, gluten-free cereal and environmentally friendly soap nuts (for washing clothes, not eating).  They also have a terrific line of  essential oils at reasonable prices.

I often hear from many people  here about the difficulty in finding a trusted source of  quality supplements   The World Health Store is filling that gap as a resource for safe, imported  supplements, if and when we decide to add them in to our diet.


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