Bumps and Babes: Workshop 1.27

Thanks to all the beautiful mamas and babies who braved the rain and came out to the presentation this morning.  Some great questions and suggestions! Follow this link to the presentation on organic foods, including the list of foods that you should insist on organic and those you can slide with some good washing techniques.


Here’s to eating well in Shanghai!

Are Organics Worth the Cost?

I have been asked this question so many times, I am dizzy.  On one hand, yes it is, especially herekids at organic farm in China where the quantity and quality of the pesticides used are vastly different than those at home.  Organic produce can often taste better and if fruits and veggies taste better, well, people may be more likely to eat them.  But, what about that organic label?  Just because it says its organic, is it?  And what about the farm next door leaking topic sludge into the organic soil?  And really, do you want a worm crawling out of your lettuce?  No thanks.

The question on this topic breeds a lot of questions and not always a lot of answers.  But, I am attempting to break it down for the good mommies of Bumps and Babes this Wednesday morning at 9:45am at Paulaner in the French Concession.  I’ll let you know what we come up with!

What does my tongue have to do with it? Visit to TCM specialist

Since moving to Shanghai, I have identified a myriad of new health ailments.  Mind you, I was healthy as a horse before moving here a year ago.  Now, weight gain (thus EWS), inflammation and uh, digestive issues.  Looking at the state of Western health care, I knew there was nothing a GP could do for me.   My body has been reacting to something in the air here, and now it was time to get to the bottom of it.

My friend Margie introduced me to Dr. Qing.  After looking spending a few minutes chatting, Dr. Qing (who is clearly adorable and very competent) took my pulse, looked at my tongue and decided that I am heaty, damp and wound too tight (no comment on any of those, please).  She prescribed a 40 day herbal tonic, to be taken twice a day, to recalibrate myself for the winter months.  See, during this time, my body is open to “simmering” nutrients for better absorption.  After 40 days, I will head into maintenance mode with an herbal remedy, especially made for me, which I will take for the rest of my life.



Here Dr. Xing is writing my lengthy prescription….next installment – a Chinese pharmacy!


EWS Find: World Health Store

antioxidantsA lot of people ask me my stance on supplements – do we need them or not?  Living in the US or another Western country, I usually tell folks to get their vitamins and minerals by eating at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day.  But here, I would strongly recommend a daily multivitamin.  Not only do most of us not get the servings of fruits and veggies we need everyday, the air pollution in Shanghai presents an increased need for antioxidants, powerhouse nutrients that help protect cells from free radical damage.  If you don’t have multivitamins at home, I recommend checking out this site:  http://www.worldhealthstore.com.cn.  They import high quality supplements, among other organic necessities.  Two stores in Beijing, one soon to open in Shanghai.