EWS Find: World Health Store

antioxidantsA lot of people ask me my stance on supplements – do we need them or not?  Living in the US or another Western country, I usually tell folks to get their vitamins and minerals by eating at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day.  But here, I would strongly recommend a daily multivitamin.  Not only do most of us not get the servings of fruits and veggies we need everyday, the air pollution in Shanghai presents an increased need for antioxidants, powerhouse nutrients that help protect cells from free radical damage.  If you don’t have multivitamins at home, I recommend checking out this site:  http://www.worldhealthstore.com.cn.  They import high quality supplements, among other organic necessities.  Two stores in Beijing, one soon to open in Shanghai.

New Year, New You!

Whether you are waking up to a Christmas cookie-and-Champagne induced hangover, or gearing up for too many dumplings during your Lunar New Year celebration, now is the time for new resolutions.   Eating well is often at the top of people’s New Years resolution lists, so, here at Eat Well Shanghai, we are also resolving to bring you a weekly dose of eating well.   Check back often for tips and ideas for eating well, here in Shanghai!