Changing of the Guard

The boxes have all gone and the furniture sold, so after 20 years of eating well and living well in Shanghai it is time for me to go too. I could regale you with stories about how in 1996 I had to go to a hotel to get a cup of coffee and when we ordered take away pizza they gave it to us on dinner plates and told us just to bring them back when we were done, but I would much rather look to the future. The Shanghai food culture has developed, like everything else in China, at lightening speed and I feel so privileged to have witnessed the process, which never stops. Just the other day I saw raw food restaurant.

Eat Well Shanghai has been  a wonderful vehicle for me to get my thoughts on nutrition out into the world and hopefully those thoughts and suggestions have been helpful to one or two of you.  I  want to thank Julie Meyer, the creator of Eat Well Shanghai for trusting me with her creation and I encourage all of you to check out her global site, Eat Well Global,, to see what’s going on in the world of nutrition beyond Shanghai.

I must also thank the great colleagues and friends in the Shanghai Nutrition Practice group. I am amazed at the integrity, passion, and joy that you all have for the field of nutrition. If you are looking for nutrition support, this group should be your first stop. Contact Eat Well Shanghai and / or

The future for Eat Well Shanghai is also changing. Jessica Woodruff, a bright new convert to Shanghai will be taking over the  Eat Well Shanghai mantle. Jessica is newly arrived in Shanghai and that makes her perfect for Eat Well Shanghai. She will bring a fresh look at all the crazy , quirky and sometimes scary  food and nutrition happenings in Shanghai and China. Look for her posts in July.

Now that you can get a take away coffee on just about every corner in Shanghai and not just pizza but every other type of food delivered to your door, I am confident that expats will be Eating Well and Living Well here in Shanghai for years to come.

It has been a blast Shanghai!

Margaret Keefe, RDN…signing off.


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  1. Hi Margaret. I was just checking into your site (to look up an older post on air pollution!) and have now discovered that you have moved on. I was so glad to have met you and to have connected with the group during my time in Shanghai. You were a wonderful support and the group was a fantastic resource for anyone in the nutrition field. Best of luck to you in your next destination and thank you for everything. I am delighted to hear also that Jessica has now taken over. The group will be in great hands! Best regards, Meave Graham RD (

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