China Blues

Finally some good food news in China !                                               Blueberry

Anyone who has lived here in Shanghai for more then a year knows that besides strawberries, most other berries, in particular blueberries are pretty scarce, and when you do find them, they are  imported and  you generally have to offer your favorite arm or leg to buy a pint.  But hang on to those arms and legs ! As of last month, Chinese blueberries have appeared in the Shanghai market.

I first spied them on the Fields website(, Wallen organic blueberries from Shanghai and then lo and behold more organic blueberries , Sapphire Blueberries, from Shangdong, turned up in my favorite wet market.

During the week as I was applauding the appearance of this super food, I heard a rumor that China is one of the largest producers of blueberries in the world. Wow!  Well like many things in China that really wasn’t the whole story.  They are not the world’s largest producer or even exporter of blueberries, but to be sure,  they are working on it.   Over the last 8 years farmers in the north have been cultivating blueberries and raspberries. Most  of these berries have been exported frozen or processed .  The theory is that blueberries will start appearing in the local market as the Chinese people begin to develop a taste for this non-native fruit.

Blueberries are considered nutrition powerhouses because of their high antioxidant content as well as being sweet sources of vitamin C, vitamin K and that little known but important mineral manganese. Research studies are also showing that regular consumption of blueberries boost memory function and improve cholesterol levels. Truly a fruit to win over your heart and mind.

So enjoy your blueberries Shanghai !   Have them on cereal, in yogurt , added to smoothies , salads and pancakes or just naked by the handful.

Eat Well, Live Well Have Fun