Coconut Craze

On this glorious Shanghai Saturday, I introduced a newbie to the weekend Market at the Jiashan Market.  It was great to see many new vendors who were happy to hand out tempting samples. ( The cheese guy was a most convincing salesman.)It was hot for sure and the coconut water gals were a draw handing out samples of ice cold coconut water, which were delicious and hit the spot but the taste sensation also made me consider the seemingly rapid rise of coconut water on to the nutrition health scene.

Coconut water is touted as a natural way to hydrate after a work out. The claims are similar to what is promoted by the makers of Gatorade and other recovery drinks.  And since sugar sweetened beverages are on the nutrition hit list, coconut water has found a welcoming audience.

Coconut water by all accounts is a relatively low calorie beverage that has a generous amount of potassium, essential for muscle functioning and good cardiac health, low in sodium with a sprinkling of vitamins and other minerals.  Is it the best way to replenish after a hard work-out ? It is one way. If your work-out lasts about an hour, water and a banana will do the trick for you. Longer than 90 minutes you could use coconut water but it is also recommended that you add a salty carbohydrate to meet your post-workout needs.  Remember sodium is lost through sweat and coconut water is low in that mineral.

However, if you enjoy the flavor of coconut water another great and probably more useful way to get the benefits, is to add it to your smoothies ( or juices). You will get a powerful punch of potassium without adding alot of calories.

Most health trends are not really new “discoveries”.  What you usually find out is that the people of some small Himalayan tribe or South American country have been eating or drinking the miracle food for years and enjoying uncompromised health benefits unknown to the rest of us in the civilized world. Hmm…I am not really that cynical but what I think these “discoveries” point to is a return to eating whole foods, that naturally occur in your local environment.  From coconut water to goji berries to kale, these super foods have been around and been eaten for generations. Their wholesome goodness has just been forgotten in the avalanche of processed foods that has entered  most of the worlds’ diet. So please enjoy all these new trends and miracle foods, include them often in your diet. They will be good for you and improve your health, but in the old fashion way that natural, whole foods always have.

Around Shanghai:

More choices for organic shopping: Open this month on Dong Ping Lu the new Green & Safe, part grocery,part deli and part restaurant. In concert with the owners of QiMin Organic Hotpot, Green & Safe offers organic vegetables from their own farm in Kunshan, organic fruits from Taiwan and around the world and organic beef from northern China.             Check them out at 36 Dong Ping Lu

The weekend Market at Jiashan Market is now on every other weekend.  So if you missed it today , make sure to get there on September 15th between 10am and 3 pm.

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Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !

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