Crazy By Choice

I have a love – hate relationship with shopping in Shanghai, especially when it comes to groceries. I love the diversity of the fruits and vegetables available but I hate having to make 5 stops and still not find what I need for a recipe.

Since I have been back in the US on my annual tai tai summer break I have come to appreciate the value of Shanghai’s limited choice in, particularly western products. For some reason this trip I have been more overwhelmed then usual by the stupendous array of choices in the American grocery store, I am including community co-ops in this group as well. Along the lines of the love-hate see-saw, I am loving the availabilty of super foods, organic foods and supplements that are often unseen in Shanghai but I am in awe, and at the same time appalled, by the sheer number of  formulated products that are gracing the store shelves. No wonder educated people need a course on how to shop for a healthy diet. Really, peanutbutter swirled with fudge sauce should hardly go on your sandwich. Not to mention fifteen different breakfast bars pumped with fiber and antioxidants, somehow all that processing can’t add up to a healthy morning meal.  And lastly, did we really need Twinkies to come back to life?

I am happy to say that in both Shanghai and the US, plain, unprocessed, whole foods are still available in both grocery stores and farmers markets. With that in mind the choice should be simple!

Around Town: Looking for an easy way to make that healthy choice, stop by the Sprout Cafe at the Eco Village. According to owner Kimberly Ashton”After much anticipation, Sprout Lifestyle’s takeaway cafe is now ready to serve you the healthiest food in Shanghai. As the first superfood cafe in town, our tenderly prepared, nutrition packed, MSG-free, additive-free dishes are here to charge up your busy day, and give you the benefits of authentic real food.” I can vouch for the raw energy bars, delicious!

Eat Well, Live Well , Have Fun!