Eat Well Japan, Right Here in Shanghai

I don’t want this post to go on and on about how awesome the food was in Japan, because, well it just was.  High-quality products are the basis of all meals so everything from pizza to salad to any traditional Japanese dish is delicious, and really flavorful and satisfying.  Something I do really miss here in Shanghai.  But, good news.  There are a lot of Japanese folks here – and they bring food with them! 

So here are some pix of some of the deliciousness I experienced on this trip and where to find tasty treats closer to home.

Japanese breakfast at the Hyatt in Kyoto – my kids wanted to cry every time I ordered it (seaweed at 7am was not sitting well for them) but it was so good and I felt great all morning. In case you can’t tell in the picture, some of the dishes were broiled salmon, simmering tofu with a ponzu sauce, miso soup, various pickled vegetables, cooked eggplant, tomago (egg), miso soup and steamed rice.  Served with green tea.  Nice.

japanese breakfast

Outside of Kobe is a beautiful town called Arima, which specializes in onsens (Japanese baths).  They also specialize in gourmet products, including this beautiful tofu store.  The soy milk was spectacular! tofu

Grocery store sushi.  Again, super high quality and super tasty, even at the basic supermarket.


Ahhhhhh – Kobe beef!  This was at a beautiful teppanyaki restaurant in Kyoto called Itoh.  They seem to have a few around Japan.  Super high quality, pretty expensive, freakin’ delicious.

kobe beef

Other side of the spectrum, tasty udon at a hole in the wall in Kyoto.  Amazing how even the littlest spots in Japan use such high-quality ingredients.


My daughters fell in love with these little sweet buns filled with anko, red bean paste.  red bean bun

So, Japan is close, but expensive so if a trip over the water is not in your cards, here are some places you can Eat Well in Japan, in Shanghai:


Shin Sen Kan Japanese market – This Japanese market offers high-quality fish, meats and veggies, along with fresh sushi and ready-to-eat meals.  About 6 locations around town, including a few in Gubei.  Website:

Sogo FreshMart – Located in the basement of the mall next to Jing’An temple, FreshMart is a great place to shop for Japanese treats and other imported products.  Also, great sushi and Japanese ready-to-eat treats to go.  Just try to avoid the Beard Papa cream puffs outside the door – they are addictive! 


New Town Club – While zipping along the Yan’An near Hongqiao, have you ever wondered what is in the New Town Club?  Turns out, its a bunch of tasty Japanese restaurants, including Uokura on the 3rd floor.  Super tasty sushi, no English, though so bring a Chinese or Japanese-speaking friend.  It is super authentic and tasty!  Find It: 35 Loushanguan Lu, near Yan’an Xi Lu.

Okura Garden Hotel – This beautiful Japanese hotel in the French Concession has some super tasty restaurants and a very calming ambiance.  Check out the teppanyaki restaurant, along with the bar for some amazing Japanese whiskies.  Find It:  58 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu.