Eat Well Shanghai Almost Back in Action!

Remaining moments of my summer vacation are being savored as I think about coming back to Shanghai in just over a week!  Summer in the US was wonderful, filled with lots of good friends, family and of course, lots of great food!  My food cravings surprised me – mostly I was digging lots of fresh salad, grilled veggies, fruit and grilled meats.  Everything very simple and fresh, ingredients that pretty much spoke for themselves.  They are plentiful at home, but harder to find in China.  I know they are out there, so lets find them together!  Ok?

Speaking of which,  the guidebook is looking great, and my best estimate is that it will be ready by mid-September, at the latest.  Do you want a copy?  Email me to reserve it asap!  The cost is 200rmb but its going to be awesome.  If you are buying in bulk, I’ll give you a discount.  Check out “The Guidebook” section of the website for more info.  Also, I’m doing a whole bunch of fun workshops this fall, so stay tuned for more details.

See you soon!