Eat Well Shanghai = Eat Well China = Eat Well Global !!

index All I can say is it has been quite a year for Eat Well Shanghai.  Just a bit over a year ago, Eat Well Shanghai: the Guidebook was introduced to a welcoming audience.  Then Julie, the author and creator of Eat Well Shanghai, decided that it wasn’t enough just to have Shanghai eating well, she needed to introduce the world to the Eat Well philosphy. It wasn’t long after that, that Eat Well Global was born.

Eat Well Global, among other pursuits, is introducing a whole new approach to travel with nutrition travel apps for your iPhone and iPad. And of course, one of the first to hit the “shelves” is Eat Well China

 The Eat Well China app is perfect for anyone traveling and/or living in China.  The app has much of the information found in the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook but we have expanded our resources to include Beijing and Guangzhou.

 On a business trip to Guangzhou and you want to find a good vegetarian restaurant, tap on the listings and several will pop up before your eyes.  You have a visitor coming that is allergic to gluten ? Tap on the special diets tab and find restaurants, support groups and Mandarin phrases to help you along.  How about you just want to take a cooking class in Shanghai or Beijing ?  Eat Well China has that information ready to download at the tap of your finger.

This app is different from the wonderful Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook, which is written for expats living in Shanghai, in that there is much more in-depth information about the cuisine of China.  If you want to know what that unusual fruit is in the market, chances are you will find it complete with photo and description on the Eat Well China App. Interested in the advantages of the Chinese diet over a western diet, the EWC app has that information too.

In my humble opinion, if you are living in Shanghai you should own both the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook and the Eat Well China App. With both at your finger tips will be you ready to Eat Well anywhere you go in China.  And while we are on the subject, the Eat Well China app makes a great holiday present for any of your visitors this year.

The Eat Well China App is available from the iTunes store and the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook is available from this site.  Just shoot an email to and we will deliver one to your door.

                     EWS book image         Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !