Eat Well Shanghai: Passing on the Reins

Well, as the founder of Eat Well Shanghai, this is my last post and I am so excited that I get to announce my “partner” Margaret Keefe, RD, who will be taking the reins starting, well, now (or at least as soon as she gets back from Christmas vacation).  There are a whole bunch of reasons why I am so excited that Margaret is taking over Eat Well Shanghai.  Here are a few:

1)  She is also a US registered dietitian, which is sort of the “gold standard” in nutrition training, requiring lots of classes, a year-long internship and passing a super hard test.

2)  She has lived in Shanghai, for, let’s count them 13 years!

3)  She has successfully raised three healthy, wonderful children here, proving that you can grow up just fine in Shanghai.

4)  She is a nutrition consultant at Shanghai United, offering a unique perspective on clinical nutrition issues being faced in Shanghai.

5)  She rocks – she is super cool, down-to-earth and a lot of fun!

Once she gets settled, she will post her photo and will keep up the blog, offering her own unique perspective.  Also, if you are looking for the guidebook, please email her at

As for me, I am a few days out of Shanghai and already contemplating what a crazy experience the past two years has been.  My plan back in New York is to get back to some nutrition communications consulting and plotting my scheme for world domination – Eat Well Global!!!  Stay tuned!

All the best for eating well, feeling strong and taking care of yourself in 2011!