Eat Well Shanghai: Your guide to eating well at home and on the go! 2nd Edition!

Last spring I was very excited to announce the  2nd edition of the ever popular Eat Well Shanghai guide. So excited that I even put off selling the last few copies of the original book because I was sure the new edition would be ready before the summer.  Suffice to say I have learned a lot about editing and reediting and reediting a book.

As much as I was disappointed in the necessary delays I have to say the extra time was a bonus  because the 2nd edition is great! We have updated all the chapters and even added a new section on Eating Well in Shanghai with dietary restrictions. You will not be disappointed!

If you want to have a good look at this great expat resource join Eat Well Shanghai at the Shanghai Mamas upcoming Birthday Bash on Sunday October 13,10 – 4 pm at the InterContinental Shanghai Expo.

Also look for Eat Well Shanghai at an upcoming SEA monthly coffee.


 As before  the 2nd edition of the Guidebook  is available for RMB200 with  free delivery to your house or office.               

  Email  to order or call 1381 667 4736 with questions.

Eat Well , Live Well, Have Fun!