Eat Well Talks

Eat Well Shanghai Talks by Eat Well Shanghai is an informative, entertaining and interactive 1.5 hour presentation that will help address the following questions:

  • What should I eat? – Reviews basic healthy eating principles, such as fat, carbohydrate and protein intake, calorie requirements, vitamin/mineral recommendations and nutrient-density.
  • What should I eat here? –  Identifies unique challenges to finding healthy and safe food in Shanghai, as well as unique nutrient needs such as antioxidants and fiber.  Guides you to meeting your requirements for nutrition in Shanghai.
  • Should I really eat that? – Reviews critical food safety measures when eating at home or away.
  • Eat Well:  At Home – Provides resources for buying healthy and safe foods in Shanghai, both local and imported. It includes cooking methods and basic recipes to nourish your body throughout the day.
  • Eat Well:  Out and About – Provides resources for eating delicious healthy and safe food when eating out in Shanghai.

Eat Well Shanghai Talks can be conducted at your office, home or school.  Eat Well Shanghai Talks are an invaluable guide to nutrition in Shanghai.  Please contact Eat Well Shanghai to schedule a talk.

More Eat Well Shanghai Talks include:

  • NEW! Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • NEW! Going Mediterranean
  • Raising a Heart Healthy Family
  • Childhood Nutrition from Toddler to Teen
  • Organics in Shanghai
  • Nutrition for the Heart and Soul
  • Women’s Nutrition


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