Eating Outside the Box


The last time I went grocery shopping I had a bit of an epiphany ( if you can have just a bit of one…). I glanced down at the cart and was taken aback to see all the boxes. Now that little moment of revelation got me thinking about what I was really buying and why I needed all this food in  boxes.  Much of what we are in the habit of buying from cereal to crackers to soup and pasta sauce can be made at a lower cost and in a healthier way at home. Making it yourself or buying  homemade ( more on that later) limits your intake of the  artificial preservatives and food additives that must come with processed/package foods.  Truly you don’t want something that travels over the seas to come without a bit of additive protection. But more importantly,  home made  adds a delicious variety to meal and snack  time.

I grant you, packaged foods do offer a convenience that we all could use more of when it comes to feeding ourselves. Fortunately we live in Shanghai where innovation and convenience often go hand in hand. Maybe you would like to cook at home more often but truly don’t have the time, then ordering wholesome , homemade foods just might do the trick.

Want the whole meal delivered? Fields offers a variety of lovely meals that can be delivered right to your door in time for dinner. Check for the weekly offerings.

I recently discovered a new web service offering neighbor to neighbor-like home cooked dishes. Mamazuofan, just two months old, is an interesting concept in meal service.  The web site offers a place for cooks to offer up their wares and for the hungry to find home made options in their neighborhood.

For great outside the box snacks try:

Spread the Bagel:For an authentic bagel that taste like  home ( that is NY for me).

Strictly Cookies: Yummy, wholesome cookies in several varieties, just like Granny used to make.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have fun