Eating With Color

Before National Nutrition Month comes to an end I want to highlight two more colorful cuisines that make for delicious and nutritious eating.

Greek food also known as Mediterranean , delivers all the colors and flavors of a sunny day on the sea.  This cuisine is well known in nutrition circles as one of the most heart healthy menus in the world of eating. All the components of a good meal from  deep red wine to  succulent olives to the savory hummus and the fresh ocean sole and of course, the Greek salad meet the requirements of  Eating with Color.        greek-salad

Readers Choice: 1228 Mediterranean Restaurant & Cafe Tel: 62791228,  1228 Beijing Xi Lu, Jingan District


Then there is Japan. I had hoped to bring you photos of a special Japanese cooking class but unfortunately the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 even interrupted those plans.  But it is important these days to remember that Japan is much more than a disaster scene and what better way then with its glorious food. Japan is a country whose cuisine is built around cooking with color and that makes it an excellent choice for National Nutrition Month.   The perfect harmony of color, taste and texture are at the center of Japanese cooking. Can you think of anything  better then a  fresh plate of  sushi or sashami expertly prepared in front of your eyes?   Or  the delicately rolled Temaki sushi, a yummy meal to hold in your hand.  But of course Japanese food is not just about sushi. The Japanese excel at producing perfect fruit and vegetables and then preparing them in dishes that delight all the senses. Like horenso no gome ae ( spinach with sesame) or try some shabu shabu,similar to Chinese hot pot, the next time you head out.

Whatever cuisine you pick tonight just remember to put a rainbow on your plate !

Readers Choice: Sun with Aqua 2nd floor, 6 on the Bund, 6 Zhing Shan Dong Yi Lu by Guangdong Lu

Itoya with several locations around town

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !