Eight Treasures and more

I  couldn’t let the Chinese New Year holiday pass without experiencing one more traditional New Year’s food. Going for a sweet taste this time I treated my family to the famous Ba bao fan pudding that often rounds out a Lunar New Year meal.

Ba Bao Fan

This unique flavored dish, served warm, is more like a cake than a pudding and it turns out that the scrumptious ingredients offer more that just sweet treasures.   The recipe ingredients that give this dish its name are a “treasure” trove of super nutrition. The Famous Eight include many kinds of dried fruits, candied orange, lotus seeds, various nuts and a yummy filling of red bean paste. Generally speaking nuts and dried fruit are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals including potassium and B vitamins, add the bean paste and you have another great source of fiber and protein.  The family consensus on the pudding…”not too sweet and it would be good for breakfast”.

So before the holiday ends on February 17th ( get ready for more fireworks) treat yourself and the family to another taste of Chinese New Year !

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Until Next time…Eat Well, Live Well & Have Fun