EWS Delivers: Gusto Fine Foods Delivers Tastes of Home

Here is a case of small Shanghai world:

So, last Spring, my friend Tanya Keller and I were enjoying a tasty lunch at Wu Guan Tang, a yummy veggie restaurant in the French Concession, and met some folks sitting across from us, who kindly shared their dumplings.  Turned out, one of them was Richard Gelber, long-time expat, foodie and at the time, working with chefs around town to deliver 5-star ingredients to 5-star restaurants.  Since then, Richard has taken his business to consumers (lucky us) with Gusto Home Delivery, Tastes of Home, taking some of the best gourmet ingredients in Shanghai and pulling them together in a one-stop shop, that delivers right to your door.

gusto foods logo

Tasty treats abound.  Check it out:

1) Lettuce – A wide variety of gourmet, hard-to-find varieties such as butterhead, radicchio and arugula.

2)  Veggies – Gourmet treats like white asparagus, baby carrots and artichokes.  Not usually sitting on the shelf at Pines.

3) Fruits – Avocados (15rmb! good price), figs, raspberries, figs and more.

4) Herbs – Tons of different fresh herbs and mircogreens and edible flowers, including some really interesting ones I’ve never used before.  Like begonias.  Interesting…

5) Jams – My awesome friend Amelia makes amazing jams and chutneys – find them all here. My favorite is fig, topped on whole grain toast with cream cheese (which Gusto has too.)

6)  Dips! – These caught my eye first because I do love hummus so much and even though I try to make it here, its definitely not as tasty as what I am used to at home.  The plain and blue cheese hummus’ are my favorite, and would be super tasty with those baby carrots.  Or handmade tortillas, which they also sell.  Nice!

7)  Ice cream and desserts!  Well, I can’t comment on these but they look SUPER yummy.

So, give Gusto a whirl.  I am.  And let me know what you think.

Find It: www.gusto-homedelivery.com

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