EWS Field Trip: Wholesale Food Market

As I am putting the finishing touches on my guidebook (hopefully available in August!), my friend Diana and I have been hitting the pavement, snapping shots of food resources around town.  I got the tip from Sheila Wong, the awesome new editor at Shanghai Family, to check out the wholesale food market, located at 1255 Lianhua Lu in Minhang District. 


It is kind of a schlep, but you can really get some good deals on both local and imported food.  It reminded me of a local Costco, meaning you may want to go in with a friend to split some of the food service-sized packaging.  For example, I scored a package of 62 slices of American cheese for 32rmb.  Other impressive items included a tub of mascarpone cheese for 56rmb, giant bottles of olive oil for 28rmb and 12 giant bottles of Budweiser for 54rmb. 




Local items, such as chillis, chestnuts, dried fruit, grains, pinenuts, and of course, rice, were plentiful and super cheap.   



I don’t even know what kind of mushrooms these were, but they look tasty.  Bring your foodie friends and let me know what you find.