EWS Find: Anna Banana – Yogo-Licious!

Recently a menu booklet from SHbite.com showed up in my house and when I went to open it, a flyer popped out from Anna Banana, a frozen yogurt and smoothie restaurant.  Being from New York, where Tasti-D-Lite is basically a food group, I was pumped to see a new fro yo store in Shanghai, since they tend to come and go very quickly.  Here’s what I found…

anna banana

Anna Banana makes their own fro yo every day using fresh milk, and it contains four different types of probiotics.  Probiotics are basically “good bacteria” that are very helpful for your digestive system and for boosting immunity.  Also, since its made from fresh milk, it, like all dairy products, contains 9 essential nutrients, including calicum, protein, potassium and magnesium.  Studies have also shown that low-fat dairy can help with hypertention and weight management (not loss, unfortunately).  Anna Banana yogurt is also less than 3% fat and has around 40% the calories of ice cream.


So, thats why its good for you – and its also very delicious.  Their yogurt has a nice texture and is not too sweet. They have tons of healthy toppings, such as papaya, mango, lychees, dragonfruit, watermellon, etc, and some not as healthy such as homemade peanut brittle, swiss dark chocolate shavings, nutella and butter (?).  The default flavor is natural, but they have a rotating flavor each day.  When I went, it was lemon peach, which was super refreshing paired with fresh peach and kiwi.  I would show you a picture, but I totally ate it before I remembered to take the shot.  Whoops!  But, here is their yogurt glamour shot.

Anna Banana Creations :)

They also have waffles, crepes and french toast, along with smoothies which I’m sure are awesome.  Its tough to find (took me 3 tries to find) but if you are looking at the Westin, look left and there it is.  They also have People magazines, board games and wi-fi, so you can stay as long as you like. 


games at ab

And teddy bears too.  Awww…

teddies at ab

Spring is officially here so now is a great time to check this place out.  Anna Banana is located at 88 Henan Lu, near Yanan Lu and their website is www.annabanana.cn.

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