EWS Pick: Buddha Hut Organic Vegan in Hongqiao

I live in Hongqiao and passed this bright, fun organic vegan restaurant about 20 times before I finally made my way in.  Wow – wish I had gone sooner.  Yum.  This beautiful, inexpensive Chinese restaurant offers Buddhist vegetarian (vegan) food, which, according to their website, is made with organic ingredients.  People always ask me if I know if what is labeled as “organic” is really “organic”.  Well, I don’t know, but I can tell you that the produce here not only tasted really fresh, I felt really good all afternoon after eating it.  No “pesticide/MSG” hangovers I sometimes get from a typical Chinese lunch.

bh logo

According to their website (through Google translate – staff doesn’t speak English but there is an English picture menu), the owner of the restaurant is a Singaporean entrepreneur who apparently owns not only an organic farm, but an organic fertilizer company, which is interesting because I think a lot of people focus on the pesticides sprayed on crops, but not necessarily what is in the soil, which is super important.  Pesticides have more potential to be scrubbed off than chemicals in the soil, which are embedded in the produce.  On another note, the website indicates that the chef,  Du Xinsheng, is a super high-five star chef!  Wow, I love high-fives.  I knew there was a reason I liked this place.

So, on to the food.  Yum!  They do some great faux meat dishes such as Vegetarian Chicken with Vinegar in French Cream, Grilled Vegetarian Ribs in Black Pepper and, my favorite, Grilled Vegetarian Goose in Plum Sauce.  Here is a shot of the chicken, which I ate at least half of before I remembered to take a picture! 

bh chicken

For the veggie dishes, this salad was so light and tasty and with a mish-mosh of tasty lettuces, including arugula.  The Vietnamese rice rolls had big chunks of juicy mango in them.  I fell in love with this interesting casserole – it is cream celery with mushy pumpkin that is topped with this light, not-too-sweet coconut sauce. 

bh salad

bh rolls

bh carrott

For dessert, my good friend Tanya and I shared this crazy tasty dish – Fruits & Fried Crispy Rice in Coconut Cream.  Its sort of like Rice Krispies topped with a warm coconut sauce with cooked fruit.  Yum!

bh dessert

Come by and check this place out!  The service was proud and friendly and they also deliver.  Enjoy!

Buddha Hut



866 Hong Wells Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

Subway Line 10, Shanghai Zoo