EWS Surprise: Bebemamie’s food is as good as its yogurt

bebemamie yogurt

Raise your hand if you get Bebemamie’s yogurt delivered to your house?  Most of you.  I thought so.  It is super tasty and at least for me, reminds me of home.  And based on all the potential stomach issues surrounding us on a daily basis, having a good dose of probiotics every morning is good for the immune system and the digestive tract.  I eat at least one each day and my kids do the same.  Thinking how much I liked their yogurt, I packed up the family and headed over to BebeMamie’s restaurant on Hami Lu in Hongqiao, just behind the Shanghai Zoo.  And now that Line 10 is open right around the corner, you have no excuse to not stop by for lunch.

Bebemamie’s owner, Philippe Jallet,  is French but spent a number of years in Japan.  He sources much of his ingredients from Japan and France and is passionate about fresh ingredients and food safety.  The Bebemamie menu focused on Brittany and includes savory and sweet crepes.  The savory crepes are really light and are made with buckwheat flour.  Interestingly, buckwheat is not a wheat-based cereal grain, it is actually a fruit seed related to rhubarb, making it a good choice for people with gluten intolerance.  Its also associated with lower LDL cholesterol levels (L for “lousy”) and higher HDL cholesterol levels (H for “happy).  Buckwheat is also a manganese and magnesium powerhouse and contains a good dose of tryptophan, making you feel all good and happy after a crepe.  Which I usually do anyways.  I recommend the crepe with fresh organic lettuce, tomatoes and jambon.  End your meal with some of Bebemamie’s super fresh yogurt.


Info: Bebemamie, 2003 Hami Lu, near Hongqiao Lu, 6269-1702