Final Friday Feature: Taiwanese Mint Dried Prunes

So, this is the last random Taiwanese health food product Friday feature.  But don’t fret.  Hopefully, the random Japanese health food product series will start in the fall, once I find a Japanese foodie interested in translating for me (any volunteers?).  I am headed back to my homeland for the summer next week and Eat Well Shanghai may very well turn into Eat Well Brooklyn. We’ll see.  But in the meantime…I bring you – Taiwanese Mint Dried Prunes.


OMG, this was perhaps the nastiest thing I have eaten the whole time I have lived overseas, if not my whole life.  I don’t even know what to say about it (you know thats bad).  Where do I start?  First of all, the whole prune is basically a pit so there is very little prune meat on it.  And the “mint flavor” is actually mint coupled with a layer of salt and a super-strong licorice flavor.  Don’t get me wrong, I love licorice, especially the strong black kind, but this was just so strong, my nose hurt.  Additionally, the ingredients included aspartame, an artifical sweetner, which is what the mint seemed to be embedded in.  So it was sweet too.  Overall the flavor is like salty, breath-freshening spray, if it was sprayed on epically strong licorice.  With a prune.  YUK!!!!