Friday Feature: Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds

These grabbed my attention since it seemed to be an odd pairing – I like green tea and I like pumpkin seeds, but I was curious how they would make it work together.  Plus everyone and their uncle is trying to capitalize on the tauted health benefits of green tea so I thought this would be worth a closer look. 


My first web search on pumpkin seeds found this juicy tidbit: Studies in China show that pumpkin seeds are good for people with an uncommon parasitic disease received from snails called schistosomiasis.   Who knew?!  I was just thinking it would be the usual high-fiber, full of good fats and a high-quality vegetarian source of protein, which it is.  And a very good source of the minerals magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, and a good source of iron, copper, protein, and as previously mentioned, zinc.  And linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer, lower inflammation from arthritis and reduced cholesterol levels.  But a snail parasite fighter too – very impressive.


As for the green tea aspect, I can see the pumpkin seeds are just dusted with green tea powder (or matcha) so its hard to tell how much benefit you could get.  Incidently, matcha, while now thought of as a Japanese health product originated here in China over 1,000 years ago with Zen buddhism.  Its fun facts a go-go over here today.  Anyway, matcha’s health benefits definitely run in the direction of being a powerful antioxidant and reducing your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.  It does claim weight loss properties, but I am totally dubious of those claims anytime, especially at 140 kcal for 30g. 

The flavor is very tasty and sort of tastes like cinnamon to me.  They are not oily at all, or salty, therefore not very addictive.  A handful is plenty.

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