Friday Feature: Random Taiwanese Health Food Product of the Week: Energy E Nutritious Cookie

Is it just me or does Taiwan pump out a whole lot of health food?  Seems all the expat-oriented stores that carry a “health food” section import most of the products from Taiwan.  Or maybe there are lots of Chinese health products lining store shelves but I just can’t read the label.  I don’t know.  But I am pretty impressed with some of these products, and will make “Random Taiwanese Health Food Product” my Friday feature until I head home this summer.  Starting in the fall, it will be “Random Japanese Health Food Product”, translator pending.   So, if you have any Taiwanese products you recommend in the meantime, shoot them my way!


So, my first product review is the Energy E Nutritious Cookie I picked up at the new super-fancy Japanese market near Xintiandi.  The label claims these nutrition cookies contain “100% no artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, emulsifiers, baking powder, ammonium carbonate, hydrogenated oil and improvers.”  It also goes on to describe the specially selected natural grains and beans it includes, such as “wheat germ, black beans, Chinese yam, lotus seed and Gordon Euryale seed, etc.”  The ingredient list also includes Job’s Tears, black glutinous rice and pumpkin seeds.  Seems like lots of good TCM ingredients, and Western health ingredients as well. 


With all that goodness packed into one small package, how does it taste?  Basically like a slightly sweet, really dry cracker.  I tried to pawn it off on my kids as a cookie but they were not buying it.  Best bet for these would either be with cheese and wine, or dunked into a thick veggie soup.  Up next week…black sesame “tea”.