From Market to Market

One piece of shopping advice that we offer at Eat Well Shanghai is to shop at a variety of places. This approach offers you the best options for finding  a variety of foods, at the best prices for the best quality and the safest food sources.

The open  air farmer markets are one way to shop but increasingly here in Shanghai we are doing our grocery shopping on line. And the options for home delivery keep growing. What a great time to be in Shanghai!  Some of the online vendors have been around for many years  and some have just popped up on the scene, prompting this blog.

My old favorites with proven track records are Kate and Kimi ( and Fields (  Helekang ( has also been around a long time and has a big variety of organic foods.  Epermarket ( is a favorite among many European expats and they have built up a solid reputation for quality as well.

Several others are listed in the Eat Well Shanghai Guide book, now on sale for RMB120 ( from RMB200!). But I have to admit because the online grocery scene is growing so fast not all the new players are listed in the book. As recently as today I perused the Table Life site ( Not bad. they had a good variety of choices and the prices seemed in line with the other online shops. They clearly know their competition as their free delivery starts at 2 kuai less than the other places!

What was missing for me was the “who we are”. They have the usual About Us on the site but there were no names or resumes to go with the flowery language about fresh and safe foods. I am curious as to who is doing the shopping and sourcing for the site, after all if I know you, I can trust you and trust is important when buying food in Shanghai.

You may still have to go to several places to get all the products you need but believe it or not, that is a good thing!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!