Go Goji Girl…Yummy Hummus Lady

Holiday season in Shanghai also means Bazaar Season !  In Shanghai, bazaars big and small are great places to find “fresh out of the kitchen” goodies and sometimes you are lucky to come across delicious and healthy products.

Lady luck was with me this month when I came across the Goji Girl and her grown-up partner the Hummus Lady. Both of these products are so packed with nutrition and taste that I recommend you include them at every holiday gathering this season.

If you are healthy trend watcher then you have been aware of goji berries ( also known as wolf berries here in China) for quite awhile.   Goji berries are valued for the cancer fighting and vision saving properties of the many anti-oxidants found in these tiny berries.  Zeaxanthin, in particular, is an antioxidant that preserves eyesight and may decrease the risk of macular denegeration ( a common cause of vison loss in people 65 and older).

In China you often see goji berries floating in traditional 8 Treasures tea, but they can be eaten anyway that you eat a raisin or other dried fruit.  The Goji Girl has introduced Shanghai to another delcious way to get your daily dose. Her  dark chocolate covered goji berries make a great little gift or a handy snack for work or school.

Contact her at gojigirlshanghai@gmail.com

*One warning we must mention is that goji berries are a natural blood thinner so if you are taking blood thinning medication ( anti-coagulants) you should speak with a dietitian or your doctor before eating.

For a more savory treat dip your wholewheat pita bread in a bowl of hummus. This Mediterrean dip is another example of what makes the Mediterrean diet one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. Hummus is a chickpea based spread. Mash your chick peas, blend in some tasty olive oil, tahini ( sesame paste) and a bit of lemon juice and you are ready for a heart healthy nosh.   Hummus is high in fiber, low in fat and sodium and a low GL food to boot, making it the perfect dish for not just your heart but overall good health.

Not into cooking or, like me, not satisfied with your own recipe then it is the Hummus Lady to the rescue. Give Jen Iannuzzi a shout and she will have your fresh hummus ready for delivery or pick-up. Trust me , her recipe will definitely satisfy you.  Contact Jen at thehummuslady@yahoo.com

Eat Well, Live Well and Enjoy this holiday season with family and friends !