Go Green! Go White!

 Green and white are the colors of my university alma mater and I spent many a sporting event cheering for the Green & White. Who knew that I would be cheering for green and white for a living.

Broccoli and cauliflower are definitely a couple of  green and a white vegetables to cheer about. These nutrient goldmines are often overlooked because they are so familiar. I would bet in the last week you have eaten at least one of them (hopefully). If you did you provided your body with a healthy dose of vitamin C, great for fighting winter sniffles, a good amount of fiber and a dose of cancer fighting phyto-chemicals called isothiocyanates.

Fiber has been pushed to the back burner of the nutritional kitchen by the weekly rise of one or another super food. But if you revisit the benefits of fiber in the diet you would see that most health issues from cardiac to diabetes and cancer are improved by a healthy dose of daily fiber. You may have an idea of how much protein you need or how many calories you should have in a day but do you know that for good health women should eat 21-25 gm of fiber per day and men should eat 30-38 gm of fiber daily.

Grabbing for the green and white means increasing your daily fiber and winter vegetables are the perfect choice to fill your plate. Broccoli and cauliflower rate up there with 2-3 gm of fiber per cup but man should not live by these vegetables alone.

The winter season brings in Brussel sprouts. Eat them roasted with olive oil and salt for a Brussel sprout unlike your mother’s. Then there are turnips and radishes and parsnips for a complementary winter white. Of this group parsnips are the fiber queens with 7 gm per cup (130 gm). More winter greens with great fiber counts in only a half cup cooked are bok choy, spinach and cabbage.

So no excuses this winter, cheer for the fiber champs. Go Green ! Go White!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!