Goin’ Tropical in Shanghai

Next week is EWS field trip #2 to Hainan Island.  Now that the weather is turning a bit warmer, and I am packing my bags, my mind is wandering toward some tasty, tropical fruit.  While doing some online research, I found there are some tropical fruits from Sanya I have not even heard of!  Has anyone tried any of these before?

1)  Sweetsop – Also known as a sugar apple, this little guy looks like a pink pinecone but is said to have a sweet, creamy-like custardlike interior.  Its high in a bunch of good vitamins and minerals – vitamin C, B-6 magneisum and even calcium. 

sweet sop

2)  Green orange – This doesn’t really sound that good but its supposed to be super high in vitamin C.  I can’t find much information on the flavor, so I will have to guess its sort of like grapefruit? We’ll see…

green orange

3)  Dragon Fruit – These wacky guys are all over Shanghai, and even if they are not super flavorful, turns out they are pretty good for you.  High in water and fiber, they also contain a good amount of vitamin C (an antioxidant that helps fight environmental pollutants) and beta-carotene, along with other B-vitamins.  Hopefully I’ll be rocking these at the breakfast buffet.

dragon fruit

4)  Java Apple – The Java Apple is not just tropical, its qualified as “extra tropical”.  Although Malay in origin, it seems to grow well in the Philippines, Thailand, and I guess Sanya.  Apparently they are really sweet and easy to eat on their own. 

java apple

While all these are available in Sanya, check out your local fruit stand here in Shanghai and try something new!