Going Down on the Farm

Despite the rain and the cold, Spring is on its way to Shanghai.  All over the northern hemisphere this is the traditional time of year when farmers head out to the fields to sow the seeds of a bountiful summer.  Here in Shanghai, local organic farmers are keen to show the public just  how their farm can provide the freshest vegetables in a sustainable  environment.  Don’t believe it ?  Then you definitely need to go down on the farm and see for  yourself.

I hear all the time from people that they are worried about the safety of the food , especially fruits and vegetables, here in Shanghai.  Visiting a farm is your chance to allay or confirm those fears.  Actually , I think you will find that the small organic farms around Shanghai are doing their utmost to bring you fresh, safe and delicious fruits and vegetables.

A day trip to a farm is not only educational but a terrific outdoor activity  for the whole family.  Many kids today don’t even know what a strawberry plant looks like, maybe you don’t know either.   A good way to find out and score some delicious ,fresh berries is to take a advantage of  City Shop pick your own strawberries days. Check the website, www.cityshop.com.cn for more information.

What about vegetables?  How does a carrot grow anyway? On a tree, under ground ?  What about cabbages? Can you really find a baby in a cabbage patch ?  Ask your kids where their favorite veggie comes from and then head out on a farm tour to discover the truth. Fields offers tours at the farms of their organic produce suppliers. Contact Fields at  customer_service@fieldschina.com to find out the spring tour schedule.  The Wellness Works also offers farm tours on a regular basis. To find out their next event contact them at www.the-wellnessworks.com

If you order your veggie box from one of the other organic farms, ask them if they offer tours of the farm premises. You may be pleasantly surprised at a helpful response.  Don’t be alarmed if they don’t want guests.   Some farms are just not set up to handle visitors.

Visiting a farm is fun, it is educational and it is also way to support the Slow Food movement in Shanghai and discover the organic producers in this area.   The more you know about where your food comes from the more confidence you will have in making healthy food choices here in Shanghai.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !