Grain Goodness! Baker and Spice Delivers

Oh how I love whole grains.  And oh, how I miss NYC bagels.  I had heard a lot of good things about Baker & Spice, Wagas’ new bakery on Anfu Lu in the French Concession and I was totally pumped to try it.  On a beautiful afternoon last week, I headed over and here is what I found.

baker & spice4

1)  Grains galore – I love heavy grains and was really into the two whole grains rolls I tried out.  The flaxseed roll was really hard and chewy on the outside, but very soft on the inside.  Also, there were plenty of flaxseeds to add flavor but not so many they got all stuck in my teeth.  The whole wheat roll was nutty and a little sweet, making me feel virtuous and like I was having a treat at the same time.  I was already overcaffeinated so I didn’t try the coffee but it smelled delice.

baker & spice2


2) Bagels – Yeah!  I am always looking for good bagels around town -have to say on the plus side, these were not too big and not too sweet (esp cinammon raisin that can taste like a low-sugar Cinnabon roll sometimes) but it was lacking a bit of the chewiness I miss from NYC bagels.  Also, late in the afternoon, mine was a little too hard on the outside.  However, I snuck a few extra ones for the next morning and when I toasted them with cream cheese,  they definitely did the trick.

baker &spice6

3)  Greek yogurt with fruit – I always find eating breakfast out to be a major challenge, since I turn into a ravinous fool if I don’t have protein in the morning.  Often, I dont want to spend a ton of money (and calories) on an egg-stravaganza and just a croissant or scone is like a carb-bomb going off in my stomach.  This tasty breakfast solves the problem with some really tasty yogurt and fruit and just a splash of Baker & Spice’s super yummy granola, packed with seeds and nuts for extra protein.  Enjoy!

baker & spice3

Along with baked goods, Baker & Spice also has sandwiches, soup, wine, cereal, crackers, etc.  Go on over and take a look – they are at 195 Anfu Lu in the French Concession.