Healthy Challenges

We would all like to believe  that we are capable of changing our  not so healthy lifestyle habits on our own, that we haven’t yet doesn’t mean we couldn’t if we wanted to.  Whether that is true for you or  like most us, you could use a little structure to help move the process along, there are a couple of helpful, if not fun ways,  to challenge yourself this spring right here in Shanghai.

The first is the World Health Store 12 week Challenge (  Right there in the title is a good sign for any reluctant participant,  the challenge is time limited.  In just 12 weeks you are ready for summer. This successful program will not only guide you to a better body,  with weekly presentations from local nutriton and fittness experts, but also to a healthier lifestyle that will benefit you for years to come.  Hurry and sign -up as the official start date will  be here before you know it.

For those of you who have wondered about the vegan lifestlye and how a person could possible live without meat, let alone cheese and eggs, we have a challenge for you.  This one calls for a bit more self-motivation. Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine,  is offering a 21 day challenge for anyone wanting to experience a vegan diet.

The hope is that  the experience will raise awareness of the health and environmental  benefits of this eating approach and as a result people will go on to adopt all or part of the vegan  lifestyle .

The 21 Day Challenge ( ) is a great way to test the vegan waters. Again the challenge is time limited, long enough for a person to experience positive the health changes and to work out the old eating habits and work in the new vegan  ones. Once you sign up you get daily online support, a 21 day menu with recipes and nutrition webcasts, ALL FOR FREE. This Challenge begins April 4th.   I just signed up.  I am curious for all the above reasons.  I will let you know how it goes along.

One of the docs involved in the 21 Day challenge is Dr. T. Colin Campbell of the China Study fame.  He assisted  the group in developing the 21 Healthy Challenge for Chinese. The beauty of the challenge is that it is adapted to the local market, in other words the 21 day menu and the recipes all use foods typical to the Asian diet. If this strikes your fancy go to   You definitely need to be able to read Mandarin for this site or better yet, grab a local partner and challenge eachother.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth , as all the sages and Hallmark cards remind us. Whatever your challenge is , be it weight-loss , exercising  more or  eating a meatless meal once a week, take this opportunity to  set yourself a “Spring” time  goal to meet that challenge.

Eat Well, Live Well,Have Fun !