Holiday Detox

Summer holidays are a great time for reconnecting with family and friends and for many of us, returning to our home countries and enjoying all the foods we miss in Shanghai.  For some of us , like myself, the summer visit lasts far longer than just a week and can play havoc with our generally good health habits.

As my summer of eating, drinking and just being merry is coming to an end I find myself repeating the word”detox”.  I am definitely feeling the need to detox the summer indulgences.

This does not mean that I am going away for a weekend of meditation and brown rice (although that would help) but it does mean it is time to work my way back to my general eating and exercise habits. So I am done with hotdogs and Margaritas and remembering to add flax seed powder to my breakfast bagels. Oh yes and the resident dog is reminding me to go for that run.

This is my strategy for these last weeks of holiday. If this sounds like a good idea to you, one of the best ways to regroup after summer is to join the new “Intro to Detox” session being offered by The Wellness Works. Besides the upcoming detox program on August 19th, the next Raw Cuisine Workshop is on August 12th. These workshops introduce you to fresh and healthy recipes that fit into any diet. For more information check

Eat Well, Live Well, Have fun !