Holy Matzo Balls Shanghai !

Last week as I perused the bevy of Shanghai English monthlies, I came across a small article on Shanghai’s first, at least since 1949, kosher market.  Now I am not Jewish and I don’t keep kosher but I love seeing new places open that enlarge the culinary options here.

The market is located in the Jingan district at 233 Wuding Lu.  At first glance from the street, the shop appears empty but…proceed up the steps and once inside you will find a small, but I am sure,  highly desired group of products. There are different canned and dry goods, freezers with kosher meats and a decent collection of wines from Israel and New York.  There is also a growing selection of spices at very reasonable prices.

Kosher foods, for those readers who are unfamiliar, are foods that are prepared according to Jewish dietary laws and have not subsquently come in contact with non-kosher foods. The meats in particular, are slaughtered in a specific custom that is overseen by a rabbi.

Many people outside the Jewish community buy  kosher foods because they feel they are cleaner and safer due to the extra care in preparation before the sale.  I left with a few parcels myself and look forward to seeing the market expand.

I did have a deja vu moment when I first went in the store. To a person used to shopping in one of the many grocery stores now available  around town, this specialty market might seem lacking but I remember way back when, before Carrrefour and Pines, when there was only one City shop and it was about the size of an AllDays, how relieved I felt just to find anything familiar on the shelf.  I can just imagine how much the members of our Jewish community here appreciate finally being able to pop over to the Kosher Mart for that special dinner item or take-out sandwich.

Kosher Mart:  233 Wuding Lu, near Changhua Lu.  Hours: 9 am -5 pm daily. ph. 6255-7770   Delivery is available. Email:  intownsjc@chinajewish.org

Eat Well, Live Well, Mazel Tov!