Hot & Steamy Shanghai in the Summer

Hot plus steamy may mean Shanghai in July to all of us but hot plus steamy also equals sweaty.  Don’t get me wrong, sweaty is good.  Sweating is the way your body regulates body temperature. In other words we sweat to cool ourselves down. Without sweating we would succumb to heat stroke quite quickly and then as my mother would say…it is good night nurse!

But I digress. Sweating in any case is important and living in Shanghai we get to practice that function a lot during the summer.  However to be efficient at it our bodies need to be well hydrated. Like calories in and calories out, liquid in must match liquid out. Calculating liquids out is hard to measure and thirst is not always the best indicator of hydration status. Usually by the time you are feeling parched your body is already too dry.

Staying well hydrated is important year ’round but when the hot, steamy days of summer hit keeping up your personal water table can be a challenge. Nutrition and medical experts recommend that we drink at 1.5 – 2 liters of non-caffeinated fluid everyday and more as the temperature rises.

Not crazy about the taste of water or just bored with it? Try adding a little fizz to your day with sparkling water and a spritz of lemon or lime juice. One of my favorite cool down drinks combines  fresh watermelon, tonic water ( you can also use coconut water if you don’t want the sugar from the tonic water) and the juice of two Calmansi limes, all whipped together in a blender. Talk about refreshing…

How about making your own refrigerator ice tea or flavored waters? Log onto for great ideas that will expand your thirst quenching choices.

If you are the type who only uses water to brush your teeth ( and even that you spit out) try these tips to get more fluid in your day.
1. Start every morning with a cup of water ( 240 ml). Drink it while you are waiting for the coffee to brew.
2. Start every meal with a cup of water and then finish it with one as well.
3. Use a straw. That bottle of water will disappear in no time.
4. Don’t sit down to the computer without a cup of herbal tea or water. Think of the two as one ( computer and drink).

Eat Well, Live Well, Drink Well!