It’s Green Tangerine Season again.

Green tangerines are now in season in Shanghai.

For this post, I will revisit an older post from 2012, all about Green Tangerines.  If you have been checking out your local fruit market or grocery store in Shanghai lately, you will have noticed the tempting  piles of green tangerines that are now in season.  This sensational fruit appears around this time every year.  These tangerines are mostly grown down south in Jiangxi  Province, so they don’t have to travel too far to get to Shanghai.  When buying a bunch to take home ( you can’t buy just one or two tangerines), look for fruit that is heavy in your hand and has a deep color.

Green Is The Color

Green Tangerines

Don’t be put off by the green color , inside you will find the same sweet tangerine taste that you experience with the orange variety but the Shanghai fruit is often sweeter.


Vitamin Boost

Feel free to indulge with this fruit.  For about 50 calories per tangerine you get a powerful nutritional boost to your day.  Like any citrus fruit, the green tangerine provides 87% of your daily vitamin C requirement and meets one quarter of your vitamin A needs.  Remember that both these vitamins are vital to the health of your skin and immune system as well as being considered powerful antioxidants,  helpful chemicals that reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Along with vitamins this fruit  has a decent amount of fiber (think healthy intestinal tract) and generous amounts of potassium,calcium and magnesium.  All three of these minerals are factors in good bone growth and retention.

Finally, but no less important, is what  is NOT in these thirst quenching snacks.  Green tangerines, like all fruits, do not have any fat or sodium, two food ingredients best avoided for a a healthy heart.

Where To Buy

These fruits are everywhere at this time of year in Shanghai.  Check out your local fruit markets and grocery stores.


Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !