Jet Lag Juice

Here we are again. After so many years of traveling between Shanghai and the United States you would think coping with jet-lag would be routine by now. But just like the search for a cure for the common cold, looking for a way to reduce the effects of jet-lag ( read: speed up the process of getting over it) never ends.

Conventional wisdom says that it takes one day for every hour of time zone crossed to make the adjustment. Coming from the East coast of the United States that translates into 12 days, sorry not acceptable.

Every one I talk to has some personal way of dealing with the issue of jet-lag. Some embrace it and follow their natural body rhythm …waking at 3 am and falling to sleep at 6 pm until the body makes its 12 day adjustment.  I believe those people don’t live in Shanghai! Then there are the bulls who just force the issue. They are the irritated folks you meet about 3 pm. I am not sure they get over jet lag any faster than the rest of us weaklings.

From a scientific standpoint there are some approaches you can take to , perhaps, lessen the effects of jet-lag.

1. Drink caffeinated beverages in the early normal awake hours.

2. Have your high protein meals at breakfast and lunch to improve alertness.

3. Have a high carbohydrate meal in the evening when you want to fall asleep.

4. Stay hydrated.  Airplanes are notorious for sucking fluids from the body. Drink before, during and after your flight.

5.  Avoid succumbing to cravings for sweets and greasy snacks.

There is an Anti-Jet Lag diet that works on a “Feast and Fast” premise but that needs to start before you leave on your trip, just when you are trying to eat all the yummy foods from home one last time!

Is there a Jet-Lag Juice to counter the effects of time travel?  Sadly not yet but that recipe would be  something to work on at 3 am!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!