Just in time for Christmas!

Since my post on the health benefits of coffee I have come across one more study that bestows the gold star of health on another sweet treat in life: chocolate. I just may make it my goal to find studies that vindicate all my questionable eating habits and then I will be able to retire and eat happily ever after.

Lucky for all of us this  study*, published  November 26, came along during the season that is probably, after Valentines Day, the most popular time of year for eating chocolate.  Researchers at the Tokyo Medical University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital ( Boston) reviewed dietary data of over 18,000 men, particularly their chocolate consumption.  What they found was that eating chocolate, even once a month lowered the risk of developing Type II diabetes.  Even better it seems the more often the men ate chocolate the greater the risk reduction.  Men with normal BMI’s ( 25 or less) and no previous cardiac or diabetes history lowered their risk significantly, up to 41% for those who ate two or more servings of chocolate per week compared to those who did not eat any chocolate.

Unlike the coffee study this review only looked at men so we taitais will have to wait and see if we can indulge in chocolate bon bons every afternoon for our health.  In the meantime what we can do is pamper ourselves with the  delicious strawberries that are now available fresh and fruity on the streets of Shanghai.

While strawberries aren’t chocolate they are sweet and they also contain all the important bioactive compounds,  flavones and anthocyanins, that have been found in studies that do include women, to be associated with lower blood sugars, better insulin resistance and decreased inflammation all adding up to a healthier you for 2015. And if you dip them in a bit of dark chocolate you can double up on the health benefits and more importantly, enjoy the flavors of the season!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays from Eat Well Shanghai!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!