Korean Tonight !

At a recent one day cooking class I was introduced to the colorful cuisine of Korea.  The mix of colors on a Korean table is so important that the chefs will take special steps to insure that the bright green, red and orange of the vegetables maintain their brilliance throughout the cooking process. That attention to detail makes Korean food the perfect Nutrition Month,Eat with Color, cuisine.

Korean Feast
Korean Feast

Starting with Korea’s most famous dish  Bulgolgi, lean meat marinated in onion, garlic and healthy sesame oil then wrapped in a dark green lettuce leaf , spread with a peppery paste full of  red pepper, to  traditional Jap chae noodles, highlighting spinach, carrots, mushrooms and more healthy sesame seeds all tossed together with glassy potato starch noodles that are perfect for those on a gluten free diet, Korean food is full of brilliant veggies that not only add color to the meal but provide a delicious source of health promoting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And don’t be afraid to branch out.  Korean food is much more than two dishes, challenge yourself to pick from the awesome possibilities of this world class cuisine and don’t forget the kimchi, everyone needs a little spice in their life !

Eat Live Well and Have Fun !

Readers Picks for Korean Restaurants:   Bonja at 1339 Wu Zhong Lu,  5118-2777.   Call to get direction because although add is Wu Zhong Lu, it’s located little off of it.

Han-Ma-dang a  little upscale restaurant  on the 3rd floor of Highton Hotel,  1000 Hong Song Dong Lu,  6145-9691.

Great Korean Grocery:1004 Mart, 193 Jin Hui Lu. Also located in Gubei at 27-33 South Shuicheng Road ( past Carrefour on left), 6655-1004