Life is Good

Life just keeps getting better and better in Shanghai, at least from a healthy eating perspective. For those of you newbies who are struggling with the grocery scene here , believe me  it is easier now then ever before to find what you need.

Eat Well Shanghai does not necessarily endorse one delivery service over another, in fact we believe it is a boon to have so many different choices as we all have different needs and desires when we shop.  However, today when I scanned through the Kate & Kimi online grocery site ( I was so amazed by the variety of veggies, hard to find grains, specialty rices and gluten-free bakery items that I had to make special mention and give them their due.

At Eat Well Shanghai we believe that it is best practice both for health and cost to shop around and buy from a variety of vendors, but isn’t it nice to know that there are more and more options??

You may still have to travel to 5 different places to get EVERYTHING you need but the chances of finding  chia seeds, quinoa and gluten-free bread is getting easier and easier.

Around Town: Being able to find what you need will make it all the more easier if you decide to join the 21 Day Health Challenge being offered by the Shanghai Veggie Club. Not only will they offer support to keep you on track but this particular challenge is offering a free health check-up along with all the menus and recipes. Contact or go to, for all the information.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!