Livin’ La Vida Lohas!

Last week I attended BioFach China 2010, a convention focused on organic food and production in China.  Although this was my first year attending, people were amazed at how much the conference has grown in the past five years, from a much smaller location and only a handful of booths to over 300 exhibitors on two floors.  Some of the vendors were favs of mine:  BioFarm, LohasCity, Helekang and O-Town, but there were lots of organic producers from all around the country looking for distribution for their organic products, from ginseng to whiskey to dried blueberries.



Interesting speakers, such as the founders of both LohasCity and Helekang, convinced me that the organic market in China has the potential to be gi-normous as more and more Chinese folks are embracing the “Lohas” life – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability – whether through organic food choices, more environment awareness and fitness.  If I were a betting women, this is where I would be investing. 

Here is my friend (and “celebrity” chef contributor for my guidebook) Ignatius wowing the crowd with his fresh BioFarm tomato sauce.


There were some very cool products too – check them out and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for BioFach when it hits town again next year.  My guess it will be even bigger still.