Meat and dairy-free resources in Shanghai

I recently wrote an article on living vegan in Shanghai.  As a dietian, I really don’t condone the vegan diet unless vegansomeone is very well educated in nutrition and engaged in their diet.  Avoiding all meat and dairy products can leave you without some critical nutrients, such as calcium, iron, vitamin D and zinc.  Also, Shanghai is low on some of the vegetarian meat substitutes, such as Boca products or Quorn, which can help you meet your protein recommendations and expand your diet.   However, reducing your meat intake can be really good for your health, and the planet.  

Here are some resources to consider for eating well and eating less meat.  Would love to hear if anyone else has information to add?


  • Godly Vegetarian Restaurant – West Nanjing Branch, 445 West Nanjing Rd, Jing ‘An District, Oldest vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai creates vegetarian versions of traditional dishes such as mock chicken, duck and pork.
  • Vegetarian Lifestyle (Jujube Tree) – 258 Fengxian Lu, Jing ‘An District, This kid-friendly spot peddles innovative and tasty Chinese food like Chinese kale and beech mushrooms, and deep-fried vegetarian pies.
  • Jendow Vegetarian – 2787 Longhua Lu, Xuhui District, Overwhelming buffet serves hundreds of vegetarian dishes from Chinese to Japanese to Italian specialties. 
  • Anna Maya Vegetarian Café – 3 Taojiang Lu, French Concession, New café in the French Concession serves tasty juices, along with vegetarian quiches, pasta dishes and veggie burgers.


  • My Local Store – – This international resource has an excellent line of organic grains, including millet, cornmeal and brown rice, along with reasonably prices organic nuts, seeds and beans.
  • City Shop – – If you are feeling flush, City Shop carries Western meat-substitute brands including Sunshine, Boca and Quorn.
  • Local wet market – Tofu is a very good plant source of protein, is low in calories and can be high in calcium and magnesium.   It’s also super cheap and fresh at the local wet market.  Try soft tofu as a dessert, firm tofu in stir-fries or dried tofu as a snack.