Montreal Smoked Meat eh?

I don’t usually do restaurant reviews, in fact I have made it a point not to give an opinion but the idea of a restaurant devoted to smoked meat intrigued me, so as the saying goes , never say never….

So what do smoked meat and Shanghai have in common these days?   Hold on to your hockey sticks folks, the “famous” Montreal smoked beef has arrived in Shanghai and  found it’s way as far as Henan Lu. Like all Americans I love a good sandwich so I was very interested in trying Montreal smoked beef ( which was  introduced to Canada in the 19th/20th century by Jewish immigrants) so  off I went, mouth watering, to TOCK’s, a Montreal deli right here in Shanghai.

Despite the rye bread being cut in such a way that made it tricky  to keep all 150gms of  beef in the sandwich, the beef was delicious. True to all the reviews, the beef is sorta like pastrami but juicier. They also have smoked duck pastrami on the menu but sadly they were out the day I was there.

This is one of the things I like best about Shanghai, every week there is something new to see and new to try.  Often something we have never seen or tried before. Heck I have been to Canada a hundred times at least and had never heard of Montreal smoked beef. Now thanks to TOCK’s I have.

If smoked beef is not to your taste , and I bet you are eating more beef then usual these days ( unless you took my advice and went vegetarian) just around the corner from TOCK’s is a a street full of tiny Shanghai eateries, with outdoor seating. Lots of choices but unfortunately no sandwiches. Saved it for another day.

Eat Well, Live Well, Eat something new!

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  1. I am ethnic Chinese living in the French flavored Canadian city of Montreal. Here we can enjoy very tasty authentic smoked meat delicacy food. There are many local restaurants selling nothing but smoked meat made products. If you ever have a chance to visit Montreal, make sure you will not miss the smoked meat, bagel and poutine, which are the food that makes Montreal famous.

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