Moving Well: Muay Thai Boxing, Part 1

Like most people, I have gone through lots of ups and downs in my life.  The year after I had my second daughter was a tough one for me.  I’m sure part of it was postpartum depression, and part of it was feeling really overwhelmed by the responsibility of two kids under the age of three.  I’ve always found exercise to be a really good stress release and that year I stepped it up with more running and cardiovascular work to get my endorphins going.  But the endorphins really starting flowing when I joined a boxing class on Saturday afternoons at my gym.  The feeling of kicking and hitting something really hard, and it not being your kids or husband, is a good one.  But, the class time moved and like most moms, I realized it wasn’t so convenient for me to be away from my family in the middle of the day on Saturday so I stopped.

Fast forward five years.  I try to make no secret about it – living in Shanghai has been really tough for me.  Over the summer, I made a list of the things that I really love and need to be happy, and remembered how much I loved boxing and the rush it gave me before.  I feel like it gives me an opportunity to let my “fierce Brooklyn girl” go, as well as keep me in shape. So, a week ago, I did some homework and signed up to box again! 

My first training session was Tuesday with the fantastic Tomer at Oz Body Fit, and minute my hands got into the gloves and I kicked into the handpads, I felt a joy in my heart I had found hard to come by around here.  Going back again Friday and will report more soon. 

In the meantime, here is the info on Oz Body Fit, as well as the other big muay thai boxing studio, Club Hero at Red Town

Oz Body Fit:, 528 Kangding Lu (near Xikang Lu), First Floor, Room 103, 6288 5278


Club Hero:, B104-B108 Red Town, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu, 6127-1551

This is totally going to be me – except with a shirt on.