Nutrition HodgePodge

As January comes to a close, ( finally ! ) several topics and events are running around  my head.  So this blog is going to be a scattering of  Eating Well notes.

Mahota Farms and Slow Food: My year started off with a fabulous Slow Food dinner at Mahota Kitchen and store ( Ground Floor, M-Town, 1580 Kaixuan Road (near Hongqiao Road) Metro Station: Hongqiao Road Station (Line 3,4,10). Over 15 diners were treated to a hot pot meal of free range pork and very fresh veggies; the vegetables are delivered to the store and sold within 24 hours of picking. At dinner we were treated to our own little hotpots to play with, accompanied by an array of delicious sauces to dip in the finished product.  Mahota Farms is a biodynamic farm ( that is a sustainable method of farming) on Chong Ming Island. (There is a good story on the farm in the January 29th Shanghai Daily).   Mahota offers monthly farm tours.  If you are interested , check out their website ( or pop over to the restaurant for a fresh and healthy meal.

Also keep and eye out for the next Slow Food Shanghai event…guaranteed delcious !

The discovery of podcasts: Ok anyone who knows me, knows that creativity does not come naturally to  me so I have to admit Eat Well Shanghai’s first podcast was not my idea. Thanks to Michael Boll of the SHINE Academy, EWS has its first podcast up on the website. You will find it listed under links.  The topic is Nutrition from Toddlers to Teens.

Simply healthy chocolate chip cookies: Food cravings, as I am sure everyone will agree, do happen.  Perhaps the feeling is  leftover from the rush of sweets during the holidays but lately I had been craving a good chocolate chip cookie. The other night, if I do say so myself,  I came up with a yummy one.  So good that I decided I would share it.  Take your regular chocolate chip recipe ( off the back of the chips package) , use 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat flour.  Add milled flax seed to the dry ingredients, I put in about 1/4-1/3 of a cup to a cup of flour, after you blend the creamy mixture with the dry ingredients, add dark chocolate chips,dried cranberries ( remember how healthy these babies are) and sunflower seeds.  Voila ! Eat warm…or cold they are delicous either way.

Farmer markets: The weather is getting warmer and that means a return to the weekend markets. There is a fresh farmers’ market going on just about every weekend now. Check out 425 Yanping Lu , every second and fourth Saturday of the month and the Jiashan Market continues on the opposite Saturday.

Sprouts popping up all over:   Healthy eats are popping up all over and I can heartily recommend the new SproutWorks cafe at Dong Hu Lu and Xinle Lu. My neighbor was so inspired by her meal of colorful edamame salad and chick pea falafel that she annouced it was the best meal she has had in Shanghai.  What I liked best was the huge assortment of soups and creative veggie sides. I will be back.

Want to learn more about how you can create healthy meals at home?  Sprout studio and shop on Yongjia lu has  plenty of fun events this month to spark your creative side! Check it out at

Whew !

Eat Well , Live Well , Have Fun !

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