Nutrition Month: the Finale!

Funny how the weeks fly by when you are eating well.  We are into the final week of March and the final week of Nutrition Month. I hope that you have tried at least one or two new fruits and/or vegetables these past weeks.

For this final week  my suggestions for seasonal foods to try are  radishes and longan fruit. I think that spring is exactly the right time to add these rich sources of vitamin C to your diet.  Vitamin C is  frequently taken by people in hopes of battling the common cold and you may have noticed  friends and family this month all seem to be fighting that battle.

Longan fruit and radishes share more than their excellent vitamin C staus, both are very low in calories and high in fiber. Great attributes for any one looking for a healthy weight-loss snack.

The radishes, there are about 5 kinds,  I am talking about are a deep red color and are the size of large marbles. These radishes are usually eaten raw and most likely used to add a bit of spice to a green salad.  I did check for other uses but it seems that red radishes are not too versatile and best eaten in various salad combinations.

Logan fruit on the other hand can be eaten, raw,poached, dried and stir fried.  This round fruit with the paper brown skin is a traditional tropical fruit of southeast Asia.  When peeled the translucent flesh resembles a peeled grape and the pit will peer at you with a dragon’s eye.   As you would guess, such a classic Asian fruit has a place in traditional Chinese medicine. TCM considers logan fruit as warm,sweet and astringent and every part of the plant is used to treat many different ailments. On a particularly stressful day you will be  relieved to learn that the dried fruit can be used for anxiety. Pop a few before that big presentation.

There is one caution with longan fruit ( and it really isn’t for the fruit).  The “Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety advises caution when purchasing longan fruit because it might have been treated with sulfur dioxide, which can produce an allergic reaction in some people. The group recommends buying longan fruit only from reputable dealers, storing it properly and washing it well before eating to reduce any risks.”

I hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to add new fruits and vegetables to your diet this month.  Of course this is just the beginning.  Keep an eye on those seasonal fruits and vegetables as the best are yet to come.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!